Gamer Fries has had a variety different logos since creating his channel in April 2014. Below is the complete list of all logos that have been created for him.


Gamer Fries's first logo, used until September 2014. Highest Resolution Available.


Gamer Fries's second logo, used from September 2014 until mid November 2014. Highest Resolution Available.


Gamer Fries's current logo, used since mid November 2014. Highest Resolution Available.

His first logo was heavily inspired by Minecraft, with a pixelated look and the Minecraft Logo's font for his name. It was created by midnightenemy1, who would make his channel art and intro later in time. In September 2014, good stuff created a refined version of his logo for him to use. It was aligned to a grid, had increased resolution, but was just a remake of the old one. Later on in November of the same year, a new version of the Gamer Fries logo was also made by good stuff. This time the text was removed, leaving only the fries and their container. It also featured shading and matching colors for the background.

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