Gamer Fries's class pet in late 2010. The story is as written below:

Soggy sid died Edit

Posted by Joon on December 1, 2010

Dear world

Today in my classroom I was doing independant reading but then ou teacher announced that Soggy sid died. When I herd that tears allmost came out of my eyes but I wiped them of. Then I started thinking “why would soggy sid die” I thought that soggy sid didn’t have enough oxigeon.Sorry soggy sid we should have taken care of you better.

BY SOGGY SID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later his teacher told him the following:

Hi Gamer Fries,

I was very sad about Soggy Sid too! I tried not to show it in class, and I tried to make some funny jokes because I didn’t want anyone else to feel sad, but maybe I should have let people feel sad for a bit.

I think Soggy Sid had a disease called Dropsy, but I found out about it too late to get him medicine. The next time we have a fish, I will know what to do. I felt bad that we couldn’t help Soggy Sid.

Thank you for your kind and heartfelt blog!

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